Why have plants in our offices ???

During the 1970's many workplace studies looked into how to improve morale and productivity, followed by studies in the 80's around SBS (sick building syndrome) several factors were identified, one however stood out for both its aesthetic and practical benefits to the work environment.


The use of indoor planting was proven to reduce toxins such as VOCs (Volitile organic compounds) from carpets, melamine , digital circuitry etc.


In adition to this, the improved aesthic , the feel and perception of the workplace became an issue. Staff felt more valued with cosmetic changes and visitors had an instantly improved first impression of a professional, modern workplace.


Its now become the norm to accomodate planting within Swansea and Cardiff offices, and for us to provide and maintain them to ensure they provide all the benefits we know they can.

Design wise,  a simple repeat pattern can be very striking


Our Blog - Plants trending at the moment Septemnber 2019

Philodendron Species are notoriously either very easy or the worst plants to maintain, depending on the type. The usual varirty on sale only has to be overwatered so slightly and it tries to throw iteslf out the office window!


The one in the pic, a climbing variety has surprised us all by being a vigourous climber in moderate light, in 12 months we havent removed one leaf. its now grown another 30% in size and we are looking to extend its mosspole.  


The elephant foot palm. When I first saw these coming off the delivery wagon from Holland, I fell in love, and knew it was either going to be a success or look like a bag of rags ! They are very architectural, and we have found that in the right position absolutely thrive. We have one isa dentist surgery in Cardiff, its a perfect example of right plant in the right place, and Ive seen these in Thailand outdoors planted, living as they should, but not looking as good as this.


Oddly , the leaves dont like to be in  contact with anything else, so we plant the centrally in a 40cm x 40cm pots and just stand that an inch or two off the wall. Proving very popular in pots about 70cm high. The specimens we buy in are about 1m in total hight, so its very eye catching.

philodendren red