External containerised planting

We also manufacture larger external planters, and buy in commercially available planters.


We offer seasonal planting displays to draw people into your reception areas , also to act as barriers to seating areas. Below area some examples of Summer and Winter displays. a range of materials can be used. We are unique in that our external planters are mostly MADE IN WALES !


We have our own workshop where we can add logos, corporate colours, even advertisements. Hire your external planters from us to ensure they stay vibrant and eye catching all year round.

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How our external units work........

We have to ensure that external units can handle the extremes of Welsh summers, drown and drought ! We ensure sufficient growing medium to all a range of plant types and sizes, they always include a water resovoir and drainage. Some units are designed to be moveable and put on castors , often concealed from view.


We usually plant on a seasonal basis, although well maintained evergreens can look equally striking.

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